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රට ගිය මිතුරෝ

Kiwi Sri Lankans / රට ගිය මිතුරෝ

Teaching English and giving career  guidance to disadvantaged students in Sri Lanka

We believe a quality English language education, with the proper counseling, gives disadvantaged children and youth the knowledge and skills they need to face daily life challenges, and take advantage of economic and lifelong learning opportunities. It is also a key driver for reducing poverty, fostering economic growth, and social development.

To contribute to the above goal, we teach the English language and give career guidance to disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka. 

The English language programme is delivered using the ESOL (English for speakers for other languages) resources of the Ministry of Education of New Zealand. Registered professionals (e.g., nurses, teachers, engineers, accountants, etc. ) provide career guidance to disadvantaged children living in Sri Lanka.  

We deliver English language education and career guidance sessions through ZOOM,  in a small group (1-4 students) setting.  With the help from our generous donors, we have set up home-based centres in Sri Lanka. We only deliver the programme. The donors are responsible for setting up and running the centre (find a suitable place, donate a computer and pay for the internet etc).

If you would like to contribute to this programme, please fill the following form and press the ‘Send’ button.

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